What are the Australian Boardgaming Tournaments?

The Australian Boardgaming Tournaments are fun, family-friendly competitions with a focus on euro-style games including Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and Dominion.

Prizes range from $20 gift vouchers all the way up to overseas airfares for world championship tournaments.

The 2016 Australian Championships will be held in Sydney, with the chance for some lucky winners to represent Australia in their World Championship tournaments!

When/Where are they held?

Tournaments are held annually in the first half of the year in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney (2016 Aust. Champs).

VIC Family Tournaments 16-17 April 2016ACT Family Tournaments 14-15 May 2016QLD Family Tournaments 15 and 22 May 2016 Australian Championship Tournaments 4-5 June 2016

How do I sign up?

Easy! Just select your state page and purchase a ticket for your tournament*. If you're purchasing several tickets at once make sure to include all player names - and don't forget our group discount rates!

Due to round overlap you can only play ONE game per day! Choose wisely.

Ticket sales close at 10PM the night before your tournament. (Group Discount tickets close at 10PM on the Friday night.)

* Please note that organisers reserve the right to cancel tournaments if we do not reach a minimum 12 players. Refunds will be offered should this occur. Any refunds will be processed less booking and financial fees.

Tickets, Schedules, Prizes & Rules

Family Tournament Tickets cost $15 each or $45 for four (that's $11.25 each!)

Australian Championship Tickets cost from $20-$30, depending on the tournament.

Schedules differ for each event. See your state page for the relevant details.

VIC Schedule ACT Schedule QLD Schedule Aust. Champs. (NSW) Schedule

Prizes differ for each event. See your state page for the relevant details.

VIC ACT QLD Aust. Champs. (NSW)

Rules on tournament gameplay for each game are laid out on the Rules page. We encourage players to familiarise themselves with these documents.