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Australian Rummikub Championship

The Australian Rummikub Championship will held at LFG Sydney on 14 July 2018.

There will be a top 16 then a top 4 that commences at 3pm on Saturday (both are best of three). Automatically into the top 16 are the ACT and Victorian final fours. The final eight (or extras if all of the ACT and Victorians don't turn up) will be generated out of the free play games running through the day.

Please note: The World Rummikub Championship rules state that previous Australian Rummikub Champions are not eligible to represent Australia again.

Dominion & Carcassonne

Previous players will note the absence of Dominion and Carcassonne tournaments. Over the last four years we have personally underwritten the running of these tournaments. During this time we have been unable to attract sufficient players or additional financial support from the industry to make these tournaments at least break even. Should this change in the future we would look to reintroduce these tournaments but at this stage they are not economically feasible. This was not an easy decision for us to make but we think necessary to maintain the long term future of the other tournaments and events we run.

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