N.S.W. Family Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the place getters, and thank you to all participants. (Note: These results are from the N.S.W. Family Tournaments. Prior to 2015, N.S.W. hosted the Australian Championships.)


Settlers of Catan 1st - Simon Plummer
2nd - Jason Chan
2nd - Christian Green
4th - Henry CHen
Ticket to Ride 1st - Andrea Catterall
2nd - Marcel Green
3rd - Rob Bukey
4th - Phil Codrington


Settlers of Catan 1st - Marcel Green
2nd - Peter Cornege
3rd - Chris Fung
4th - Matt Dormer


Carcassonne 1st - Linus Cooper
2nd - Colin Batchelor
3rd - Rob Bukey
4th - Brad Coulton
Dominion 1st - Aleksandar Ivanovski
2nd - Chris Stubbings
3rd - Andrea Catterall
4th - Jern Hoe Mun
Settlers of Catan 1st - Sam Northe
2nd - Ben Ransley
3rd - Simon Plummer
4th - Marcel Green
Ticket to Ride 1st - Marcel Green
2nd - Graham Oates
3rd - Leo Carlton
4th - Kyle Newman