Maximum Participants:See your state page
Minimum Participants:12


Four-player matches.

Five swiss-style qualifying rounds, with a final (top 4) round of three cumulatively-scored games.

Dominion rounds are played using a combination of the base and Prosperity sets of Dominion cards. A random set for the round will be drawn by the judge just prior to the commencement of the round.

General Rules


  1. The tournament is ruled by at least two referees.
  2. If rules are broken at a table players have to call for a referee immediately. The ruling of a referee is final and players have to accept the decision. If a broken rule is not reported to a referee players accept this as a regular play.
  3. If players do not agree with the outcome of a game due to broken rules or unfair play, they have to immediately call a referee - once the record sheet of the game is signed protest is not possible anymore. If a player is not willing to give their signature a referee will decide the game.
  4. The referees can disqualify players from the tournament if the rules of the game are broken on purpose by a player with the intent of winning the game. The disqualification can only be made during a running game or immediately after finishing a game. A disqualification is not possible anymore once the tournament is over.

Tournament Mode

  1. If at the end of the scheduled time for a round play is not complete, one more full turn will be completed (current turn completed then one more turn for each player). The game will then end and the winner/scores will be calculated.
  2. The tournament will feature 5 qualifying rounds of play using the sets described above.
  3. There will be a prefixed schedule, which determines at which table and which starting positions the players play in each round.
  4. The four top ranking players reach the final. Players choose their starting positions according to their ranking from the qualifying rounds.


  1. In the qualifying rounds of the tournament players will receive ranking points with the winner gaining four points, second place three points, third place two points and last place one point. In the event of a 3 player game, the winner will receive four points, second place three points and third place two points. In the case of a victory point draw in qualifying rounds, players will share the ranking points.
  2. In case of ties, the total number of wins reached by the players will be used as first tie-breaker.
  3. If there are still any ties, the next tie-breaker will be the sum of the percentage of victory points the players reached at their tables. Negative scores at a table will be normalised to zero with remainder of scores adjusted upwards appropriately. Three player games will receive a 25% discount on percentages. If there are still any ties after that lots will be drawn.

Responsibilities of players: Material

  1. Players will set up the decks based on the basic rules or as outlined by the arbiters.
  2. Players must articulate the number of actions and buy phases as they play their cards.
  3. Players must keep all cards on the table. The undealt card pile should be placed face down on the player's left with the discard pile faceup on the player's right.
  4. The current hand should remain in a player's hand where possible. If a player is required to put down the hand to shuffle or undertake an interaction with another player it must be placed face down with the cards at 90 degrees to the players deck and discard pile.
  5. Upon completion of shuffling a player must offer the player on their right and opportunity to cut the deck prior to distribution of any cards.